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  Congratulations on your decision to place your faith in Jesus Christ for Salvation (John 3:16; Romans 10:9-10).  Your new life will be a journey but you can always be assured that God loves you and is with you each step of the way (Matthew28:20).  
  I want to encourage you to find a church and start attending regularly.  None of us can make it on our own; we need the support of other believers.  Find a church that is on fire for God, that is teaching the truth of God's word and seeking the teachings of the Holy Spirit.  Locate that Bible sitting around in your home or purchase one and start ready God's word.  It is through reading and studying God's word that you will begin to grow in your new life.  Your sin's have been forgiven and your heavenly Father has your name written in his book of life.  Make it a commitment right now to develop your personal relationship with God and show your faithfulness by studying the Bible.  A good place to start is getting yourself a King James Bible.  Reading a chapter every night before bed or early in the morning helps focus each day on God's word.

God will infuse his Holy Spirit within you and begin changing your heart toward things that He desires for you.  Surrender yourself and give everything to God.  And PRAY, The best way to begin praying is to imagine Jesus sitting across from you and then just start up a conversation.  Tell him what's on your mind and heart.  Ask him for the things you need.  Confess your thoughts and actions that were wrong and ask him to forgive you.  And remember to tell him that you love him.  
  I am so happy for you.  I would love to be the first to hear of this happy news.  Send me an E-mail if you like but don't feel obligated.  If you don't tell me then find someone you can tell and share your experience with.   

God Bless    


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