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Servicing your fuel needs throughout the Copper River Basin

Gulkana Fuel, Inc.
P.O. Box 616.
Glennallen, AK 99588
Ph 907.822.4331


         About Gulkana Fuel, Inc.
Gulkana Fuel was established in 1999 after a need was seen for support of the Alaska Pipeline and the aircraft which fly to maintain and secure it.  Jet fuel was not readily available in the area and it was difficult and expensive for the aircraft to maintain adequate fuel on hand.  Initially Gulkana Fuel purchased a 4000 gallon fireguard tank, Micon pump heads and Petrovend terminal.  This equipment along with a small building to house electronics and a pay phone were placed on a small section of leased land at the Gulkana Airport.

Between 1999 and 2006 Gulkana Fuel continued to grow as the primary Jet fuel provider in the area.  During this time Avgas sales rose steadily as more and more small aircraft passed through the airport.  In 2007 a need was seen to provide more for the pilots coming through Gulkana.  We began searching for a larger lot with out buildings and in mid 2008 we obtained a large piece of property with two building on site.  This area was also better positioned for helicopters landing at the airport as they were able to access the business from the West and were removed from aircraft storage locations and other businesses. 

During the move we remolded one of the buildings and now have a full feature Pilots lounge / flight planning center and resting place.  We are planning on remolding the other building next summer.

Just East of of us we obtained a newly built large hanger which now houses a full time mechanic, certified for major power plant and air frame work, annuals and other certifications.

In 2009 we purchased a 12,500 gallon FlameShield storage tank and installed a high flow Jet-A pump and a self serve home heating oil pump.  A short time later we added a 2800 gallon delivery truck and began delivering home heating oil throughout the community.

The future looks bright for Gulkana Fuel, Inc., as plans are in the works for a major gas pipe line to be built in the area which has already been identified as the Hub for the project.


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